Amplify your events

How it works

Send your event footage

Simply send us your raw event footage, we will identify key parts which would make interesting and sharable content for your audience.

We repurpose

We get to work, repurposing your events into various shorter clips for social platforms such as YouTube Shorts, Linkedin, TikTok, Instagram etc

You share

That's it, you share the content days, weeks or even months later, amplifying the impact of your event and increasing your ROI.

Why repurpose your event content?

Extract Hidden Value

We will help you uncover valuable content from your events

Get More Engagement

Engage with people who could not tune in for the live event

Increase your ROI

Unlock new sponsorship opportunities with micro-content

In-person or virtual events

Our service caters for both types of events

Ready to maximise your event content?

Work with us
Work with us