Elevate your business

Goodbye hourly billing, Hello ContentCoins.

ContentCoins is a new pricing model that we created to challenge the traditional agency hourly billing approach. To improve flexibility, fairness and efficiency for us and our customers.

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Buy pay as you go packs or subscribe each month to save


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Exchange your coins for various types of content, the choice is yours


You're in control of your content

You can use and top-up your ContentCoins at any time

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Elevate your business

Why ContentCoins?

We believe the typical agency hourly billing system is broken. With hourly billing, the incentive for the agency is to take their time. The incentive for the customer, on the other hand, is to speed things up.

Instead, we have created the ContentCoin system. This system benefits both of us; removing the awkward hourly billing system means you get our best work, and you’re not waiting around for it.

You can top-up your ContentCoins whenever you like and use them when you need them. They give you the flexibility to pick and choose different pieces of content - on your terms.