February 5, 2024

From existing content to new leads... the power of repurposing

Naomi Spearman
In the quest for leads, the answer often lies not in new content but in the goldmine you already have. Repurposing existing content is a savvy strategy to draw in leads without the constant churn of new material.

The Value of Repurposing for Lead Generation

Expand Your Audience: Adapting content for various platforms means your message reaches more people. Each piece of repurposed content introduces your brand to potential leads who might have missed it the first time.

Strengthen Your Brand Message: Repetition is key in marketing. By presenting your message in different formats, you solidify your brand in the minds of potential customers, making them more likely to engage.

Save Time and Resources: Creating quality content from scratch is resource-intensive. Repurposing allows you to breathe new life into existing content, extending its value and reach without the need for significant additional investment.

Effective Repurposing Strategies

Identify High-Impact Content: Analyse your content to find pieces that have performed well or generated interest. These are your starting points for repurposing, as they’ve already proven their worth.

Adapt to the Buyer’s Journey: Content should be repurposed with the buyer’s journey in mind. Early-stage leads might appreciate an infographic that summarises a detailed report, while those closer to purchase could benefit from a comparison video or case study.

Customise for Each Platform: The same piece of content won’t work everywhere. A detailed article might be perfect for LinkedIn, while Instagram users will engage more with visual content. Tailoring your approach can significantly boost lead generation efforts.

Practical Examples for Generating Leads

  • From Webinars to Blog Posts: Segment your webinar content into thematic blog posts. Each post can serve as a lead magnet with a strong call-to-action, encouraging readers to sign up for more insights or download resources.
  • Blog Posts into eBooks: Group related blog posts into an eBook, offering it as a gated resource. This not only provides value to your audience but also captures leads through sign-up forms.
  • Long-Form Videos to Social Clips: Edit long-form video content into engaging short clips suitable for social media. Use these clips to drive traffic back to your website or landing pages with compelling CTAs.

In Summary

Content repurposing isn’t just about recycling; it’s a strategic approach to lead generation. By reimagining existing content for different stages of the buyer’s journey and tailoring it to various platforms, you can maximise your content’s reach and effectiveness. This approach not only enhances your lead generation efforts but also optimises your marketing resources.

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